Antonella V.


"The Sartorialist is a style consultant that accompanies the client in an emotional/professional journey in the creation of his look."


Sartorialist in Milan


I am from Milan.
I entered the fashion world by becoming model during the 90 in big fashion brands.
I continued enjoying this world at 360 degrees by working in retail and style consulting for men and women.

An Outfit that represent you?
Casual Chic: Jacket, T-shirt and trousers..

Suggestions to dress better?
Always keep in mind your age; every age has it own style and it has to be respected: it is a matter of good taste.

A Sartorialist’s key characteristic?
It has to be able to listen and understand the client to create with him a perfect outfit.

Three words to describe yourself?
Elegant, creative, eclectic..

One must have?
A sartorial shirt.

Aside from fashion, what are your other passions?
I like to experiment in the kitchen.

Yours style icon?
Yves Saint Laurent.

Do you like to collect something as a hobby?
Mugs coming from cities I visited.

What is your favorite drink?

What is your favorite food?

Which are your favorite shops?
Vintage shops.

What is the cultural trend or style that mostly influenced you?

Most inspiring city?

Favorite fabric?
Prince of Wales.

Favorite color?

What would you never wear or would never let other do?
Short-sleeve shirts.

An underrated men’s accessory that you like?
Cufflinks and foulards.

What do you like to experiment the most with?
Mix and match with vintage clothes.