Antonella M.


"The Sartorialist is an empathetic person who is being careful of any desire of the client and lover of good taste."


 Sartorialist in Parma


Born and raised in Naples. Lover of medicine and psychology study, graduate in Veterinary Medicine, always interested in the fashion world, personal shopper and tailoring studios at Intermoda.

Always attracted to the idea of wearing a unique item of clothing, as an expression of your own personality and tastes. Lover of experimentation also in clothing, I love to draw clothes and then pack them.

Describe yourself in 3 words.
Precise, passionate lover of classic and refined style.

An Outfit that represent you?
I like a classic Outfit: Oxford pants, shirt, jacket and shoes.

A style tip?
Have a good taste and wear appropriate clothes for each occasion.

A fundamental feature in a Sartorialist?
Empathy and ability to understand the customer's personality and tastes.

A must have?
A skirt for women and blue dress for men.

A famous woman or a style icon?
Donatella Versace.

A Passion in addition to Fashion?
Argentine tango.

Your favorite writer? 
Alexander Lowen (Bioenergetic researcher).

An artist?
Claudio Baglioni.

Describe your tailoring style with 1 item of clothing + 1 style + 1 adjective.
Pants 5 pockets + classic style + sober, bon ton.

Unusual men's accessory that you really like?
The braces on the trousers.

A place that inspire you? 

A Sport?
Gym and Pilates.

A special trip?

An item that you are deeply attached? 
Dancing shoes.

A fundamental daily activity?

A place where you are being able to feel inspired?
Caracciolo street in Naples.

A fabric?

A color?

An outfit that you will never wear?
The miniskirt for women and something too ordinary for man.