Anna D.


"The Sartorialist is helps the client to better express his personality and character through clothing."


Sartorialist in Milan/Piacenza/Parma


My love for sartorial style, passion for made to measure, attention to details and personalizations, which are able to convey the suit a unique style, is what led me to get involved in this new profession, the Sartorialist.
I studied Fashion design and I presented my own collection.

An Outfit that represent you?
Full skirt,


Suggestions to dress better?
Never give up your style, always keeping in mind good taste.

A Sartorialist’s key characteristic?
Availability and trust.

Three words to describe yourself?
Dynamic, determined and creative.

One must have?
Black sheath dress.

Your style icon?
The woman dressed by Alexander McQueen.

Aside from fashion, what are your other passions?


Favorite author?
Stephen King.

What is your favourite music genre?
Rock (alternative rock/ punk rock/ indie rock..).

Cultural trend?
Victorian style.

Daily activities you cannot live without?
A run (better if in the morning).

Any place or city that inspired you?
Cosmopolitan and multiethnic cities.

Favorite fabric?
Prince of Wales.

An underrated men’s accessory that you like?
Double breasted waistcoat.

What do you like to experiment the most with?
New style combinations..