Amelia A.


"The Sartorialist is an exclusive style and lifestyle advisor."


Sartorialist in Milan


I am from Casale Monferrato, in Piedmont. 
I am a Fashion Designer. I have been working in fashion and style consulting for many years.
My background and passion led me to become a Sartorialist.

An Outfit that represent you?
A 50s style dress.

Suggestions to dress better?
Simplicity is key. You have to be confident without following trends too much.

A Sartorialist’s key characteristic?
A Sartorilist has to be precise and empathetic.

Three words to describe yourself?
I am friendly, kind and empathetic.

One must have?
A perfect coat.

Aside from fashion, what are your other passions?
Art, theater, cinema, cooking and reading.

Your favourite music genre?
It needs to be good; from Classic to Rap.

What is your favorite drink?
Red Wine.

What is your favorite food?
Pasta and pizza!

Which are your favorite shops?
Book shops.

What is the cultural trend or style that mostly influenced you?
Romanticism and Italian Baroque.

What is your favorite artist?

Any inspiring trips you did?

Favorite fabric?
Cachemire and Silk.

Favorite colors?
Earth tones.

Daily activities you cannot live without?
Reading for sure.

What do you like to experiment the most?
Regarding clothes, I like to experiment with different color combinations; I love to innovate in the kitchen as well.