Alice L.


"A Sartorialist is someone capable to direct the client in his choices, emphasising his tastes and his personality"


Brand Ambassador in Florence & Milan


I’m from sunny and lush Liguria, I grew up in La Spezia, in a wonderful gulf between the sea and the Alps. When I finished my high school studies, I decided to move to Rome, to live and study. I graduated in Business and I started to work in Rome, but after some years I preferred to change everything in my life, so I moved back and I finished a Master Program in Event Management. After some months I started to organize some big events in Florence and Venice: it was in that period that I fell in love with Fashion and Design. I’m always travelling between Milan and Florence and now I’m also starting this wonderful experience, with the purpose to help Italians and foreigners in creating their own Style.

I'm brilliant, sensitive and empathetic.

An outfit that could represent you?
Jeans, jacket, shirt and décolleté.

What inspired you to become a Sartorialist?
The search for beauty and style.

What would you suggest to dress well?
Less is more.

A fundamental characteristic in a Sartorialist?
His taste and being empathetic with the client.

A kind of style?

A must have?
White shirt for men and black sheath dress for women.

A famous man or woman that you consider a style icon?
Sarah Jessica Parker and Anne Hathaway.

A passion aside from Fashion?
Art and travelling around the world.

Your favourite book?
Ghana Must Go by Taiye Selasi .

Your favourite food?
Grilled meat and mushrooms.

Your favourite drink?

Your favourite shops?
Libraries and Perfumeries.

Which is the cultural trend or style that mostly influenced you?  

Any movie that inspired you?
Gone with the Wind, Erin Brockovich, Devil wears Prada.

Your favourite artist?
Paola Cortellesi and Meryl Streep.

Most inspiring city?
New York.

Do you practice any sport?

Any special trip that inspired you?
Lisbon and Portugal.

Any object or accessory you are deeply linked to? 
A silver ring with my initials: AL.

Any daily activity you can't do without?
Reading and walking.

Any place or city that inspired you?
The sea in Liguria, in every season and in every single moment of the day.

Your favourite material or textile?
Cashmere and silk.

Your favourite colour or matching?
Black, blue, grey and red!

What would you never wear or would you never let someone else wear? 
An oversize, small or big dress.

What do you mostly like to practice and experiment with?
I like to try new foreign cuisines and new forms of art.