Alessandra R.


"The Sartorialist sees like a tailor, listens like a psychologist and advises like a personal shopper"


Sartorialist in Milano, Abu Dhabi, Dubai


I'm from Sicily, from a town near Catania, on the slopes of Mount Etna. After finishing my Fashion Design studies, I've always worked in Fashion: from design to sales, through tailoring, I had the chance to explore every side of it.

I've always been passionate about design, fabrics, style, craftmanship. The Sartorialist embraces all of these aspects in a new, modern way. Seeing your customer wearing what initially was just an idea is something that gives you a huge satisfaction.

I love painting, photographic prints shops, listening to music, eating pistachios and white chocolate.

I love to experiment, mostly with hidden details: an embroidered word inside a suit, the choice of a contrasting lining or a peculiar pattern.

I collect coffee cups. I buy one in every place I visit.

I'm optimistic, ironic, punctual.

A style of choice?

A fundamental feature in a Sartorialist?
Being able to give added value.

A clothing?
Double-breasted jacket.

A must have?
Blue blazer.

A fabric?
Prince of Wales.

A combination of colors?
Emerald green and plum.

A men's accessory that you really appreciate?

An outfit that represents you?
Blue navy double-breasted jacket, pleated trousers with adjusters and cuffs, contrasting blue-grey tartan waistcoat, blue millerighe shirt, navy grenadine tie, white pochette with green hem, monk strap brown shoes, sunglasses.