Aleksandra Z.


"A Sartorialist is a person who knows how to portray a client's personality using nothing but clothes"


Sartorialist in Milano


I am from snowy Siberia, where I was born and… here I should say raised, but until I turned 18 I had the opportunity to live in three different countries, so moving to another city or even country seems something exciting to me.

I got my Bachelor Degree in Architecture and after that I realized that I dreamed of working in Fashion. I moved to Milan where I completed a Master Program at the Domus Academy Fashion Department and now I am finally able to do what I truly want. Will I stay in Milan for a long time? Who knows! Do I enjoy every minute of living here? For sure!

I see fashion as a non-verbal communication between people and I decided to become a Sartorialist because I like to help people expressing what they want to say to the world through their clothes.

An outfit that represents you?
The one with a statement piece.

What would you suggest to dress well?
Choose clothes you fill comfortable in.

A fundamental characteristic for a Sartorialist?
Ability to learn from your clients, because the sartorial world is not linear, it's a circle of processes.

A word that describes how you work?

A must have?
The one that can save the whole outfit: Black jacket for a woman and a watch for a man

An icon of style?
Sarah Harris

A passions aside from Fashion?

A book you loved?
Gone with the Wind.

Your favourite band?
Snow Patrol.

Most inspiring city?
The one you live in.

Any accessory you are deeply linked to?

Favourite material or textile?

What you would never wear or you would never let other dress?
Bright colour tights.

1 dress + 1 kind of style + 1 adjective to describe your sartorial world?
Jacket + Smart Casual + Holistic.