Paola C.


"I decided to become a Sartorialist because I like to create and to see things mutating"


Sartorialist in Milano


I was born in Cavarzere, Venice, the 14th of March 1973. I got my degree as a Fashion Stylist, afterwards I worked in a women's tailor shop and, for 13 years, in a shirt shop. I'm expansive, sociable and stubborn.

An outfit that represents you?

Your personal definition of a Sartorialist?
A shrewd person.

An advice to dress well?
You have to dress, not to cover yourself.

A fundamental feature in a Sartorialist?
Being smart.

A clothing?

A style?
Punk & Rock.

A word to define your Sartorial style?

A must have?

An icon of Style?
Sean Connery as James Bond.

A passion aside from Fashion?
Vintage objects.

Your favourite books?
The House of the Spirits by Isabel Allende and È tutta vita by Fabio Volo.

Your favourite music genre and artists?
Heavy metal, Metallica and Alice Cooper.

Your favourite food?

A movie that inspired you?
City of Angels.

Your favourite material?

Your favourite colour or matching?
Black & white.

What would you never wear or let someone else wear?

Any male accessory seldom used, but that you really like?