Luca S.


"Honest Advisor, life passionate and lover of the Italian style"


Sartorialist in Milan

Caricamento in corso ...

Born and raised in Monza, I live in the store from the beginning of my career, I've worked for some brands: Clan, Brian&Barry, Canali, Pal Zileri, Sartoria Rossi, I'm specialized in the sartorial and custom made. I love to be the first point of contact with the customers. helping them to dress well and with elegance. Expert in suits, shirts and accessories for wedding.

3 words to describe yourself?
I Love Life.

What would you suggest to dress well?
Trust of the Sartorialist advices, listen my opinion and the products I suggest to you.

A fundamental characteristic for a Sartorialist?
Taking well the measurements, choosing the best fabrics based on the posture and style of the customer.

A suit?
Blue suit with blazer.

1 must have?
Black Shoes.

Your personal icon of Style?
Steve McQueen.

1 passion for you (not considering fashion?
Women, cars &... Football.

Any special trip that inspired you?
Maldive & Cuba.

Favourite colour or favourite colour match?
Blue & White.

What you would never wear or you would never let other dress?
Short Socks.

Do you like to collect something as a hobby?

Any movie that inspired you?
Dead Poets Society.

Do you practice any sport?
Car racing & Football.

Any place or city that inspired you?
Green parks in Monza.

Any menswear accessory seldom used but that you really like?