Jonathan B.


"I'm a consultant and a style master with a strong taste for beauty, able to listen, understand, advise and make the perfect outfit for and with the customer"


Sartorialist in Brescia & Bergamo


I graduated in art and shortly after my studies, I entered the world of work covering almost all the roles in clothing stores owned by international brands, thanks to this experience I spent the next ten years as a partner in a sales and distribution company of clothing, accessories and footwear. The common denominator of my career and focus of my interest has always been formal attire, style, fine bespoke tailoring for men.

3 words to describe yourself?
Creative, Perfectionist, Humble.

What would you suggest to dress well?
As Leonardo da Vinci said "Simplicity is the supreme sophistication" and I add that if a simple elegant look is embellished with refined details, here you become the man of style in the dress and not just a dress.

A fundamental characteristic for a Sartorialist?
Listening to the customer is fundamental and is the starting point of our work.

A suit?
Double-breasted jacket with wide-throw lapels.

1 must have?
Pinstripe suit.

Your personal icon of Style?
Gianni Agnelli.

1 passion for you (not considering fashion)?
I spend every minute of my free time with the woman I love.

Most inspiring city?

Your favourite author?
Oscar Wilde.

What you would never wear or you would never let other dress?
The Cloak.

Your favourite music genre?
Electro Rock.

Which is the cultural trend or style that most influenced you??

Any object or accesory you are deeply linked to??
My ring with the phrase “Through the asperities up to the Stars”.