Giulia L.


"I'd like to help every customer to discover himself, defining his own image and changing the present"


Sartorialist in Milan


Born in  Milan and world citizen. Psychologist for nature and effective. Observe and listen, my personal characteristics are fundamental during my job, especially after a degree in Communication Psychology at Catholic University in Milan. During my ten years in Human Resources I've sharpened my intuitions and my experience, creating a professional approach who is able to interpretate the desires and the personality of every customer, both psychological and physical.

Becoming image consultant was a natural consequence: observe, analyze, suggest. The master in Image Consulting at IED and other certificates are important tools of my actual job.

An Outfit that represent you?
Silk shirt, men's jacket revisited in a feminine style, jeans and heels.

A style tip?
Don't follow the fashion trends but your style, your shapes and your colors.

A fundamental feature in a Sartorialist?
Listen, observe and guide the client.

Describe yourself in 3 words.
Concrete, dreamer and traveler.

Why did you decide to become a Sartorialist?
I didn't decide, it was something that I've always had inside. It's not just about love for fashion. To explain better what I feel, I like to use this claim: "Do a job you love and you will not work just one day of your life".

A famous woman or a style icon?
Ines de la Fressange, Jane Birkin

A Passion in addition to Fashion?
Cats, I have three of them.

Your favourite book?
The Devil wears Prada.

Favourite band or singer? 

Do you like collect something?
I love perfumes, I have almost fifty of them.

Your favourite food?

Do you like to try new things? 
I like cooking and trying new recipes. 

Do you have a cultural movement that inspired you? 
The '20s.

A movie that inspired you? 
Il Grande Gatsby. 

An Artist?

A city?
New York.

A Sport that you have practiced before?

An item that you are deeply attached? 
My engagement ring. I can not leave the house without wearing it.

A daily activity that you couldn't live without it?

A fabric?

A combination of colors?
Cool, intense and brilliant colors like emerald green matched with silver.

An outfit that you will never wear?
Everything that is vulgar. 

A men's accessory that you really like?
Cuff link.