Cornelia C.


"I think that a Sartorialist should be positive, empathic, passionate, personable and optimistic."


Sartorialist Coordinator in Rome


I'm from Slovakia, I have a Master Degree in Marketing Communication and experience in the field, since I've been working for a big company’s Marketing Department and a shopping centre in Slovakia.

I'm an active person that likes to enjoy every single minute in its life. I have my own dreams and I do everything I can in order to live them. My escape, rescue and source of ideas is travelling and discovering the world. I'm creative, positive and open minded.

I love the idea behind ELIGO Milano, I think that it's very valuable and that's why I chose to become a Sartorialist.

An outfit that represents you?
Black dress and high heels.

What would you suggest to dress well?
I love beautiful and functional clothes of all types. Generally, everything that we wear or use has a function and I love beautiful things that are also useful. I’m inspired by beauty. I see it everywhere around me. I’m not for trends and I don’t feel that it's necessary to have the hottest item every season. It's more important to have your own style.

A clothing?
Suit for men, dress for women.

Your style?

A word that describes how you work?

A must have?
Black dress.

An icon of style?
Coco Chanel.

Your passions aside from Fashion?
Marketing, creativity and travelling.

A book you loved?
Witness for the Prosecution by Agatha Christie.

Your favourite drink?

A movie that inspired you?
The Great Gatsby.

Your favourite artist?
Andy Warhol.

Most inspiring city?

Do you practice any sports?
Jogging and gym.

Any mandatory daily activity?

Your favourite colour or matching?