The ELIGO Milano Sartorial Experience

ELIGO Milano is a revolutionary way
to create your personal Custom Made Italian Suits & Shirts.

The best italian fabrics for you to create high quality Custom Made Suits. We create all our suits here in Italy, combining the heritage, the sartorial tradition with the customer care.
Choose the fabric you prefer among over 5000 possible choices, touch it. Select among a wide range of customizations, enjoy with all the possible combinations and live the experience.
A Shirt with a Perfect Fit is mandatory in the wardrobe of a modern and fashionable man. Casual, elegant or bizarre, every Eligo Milano Shirt is produced with the best italian fabrics.

Meet Our Sartorialists

Wherever you are, whenever you want, meet your personal Sartorialist. 
Your Sartorialist will listen to you, will understand you, will give you suggestions, will guide you through creating your own new style.

  • Alessandra Rubino Sartorialist

    Alessandra R.

    "Your personal Sartorialist sees like a tailor, listens like a psychologist and advises like a personal shopper" ...
  • Alice L.

    "A Sartorialist is capable to direct client's choices, emphasizing with style his tastes and his personality"...
  • Lydia C.

    "The Sartorialist is a style "psychologist" because she understand the character. Just in this way she can creates t...
  • Cornelia C.

    "I think that a Sartorialist should be empathic, passionate, personable and optimistic, to facilitate client's choic...
  • Aleksandra Z.

    "A Sartorialist is a person who knows how to portray a client's personality using nothing but clothes"...
  • Giulia L.

    "I'd like to help every customer to discover himself, defining his personal image and changing his actual style." ...
  • Chiara M.

    "The Sartorialist is a Personal Consultant, an Innovative Designer, but mostly your exclusive Trusted Advisor"...
  • Antonella M.

    "The Sartorialist is an empathetic person who is being careful of any desire of the client and lover of good taste."...
  • Jonathan B.

    "I'm a consultant and a style master with a strong taste for beauty, able to listen, understand, advise and make the...

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Perfect Fit Italian Suits

ELIGO Milano

ELIGO Milano is the result of the merger of two existing Milanese brands:
Sator Milano Bespoke and Mesamis Milano.

Thanks to our deep understanding of Made in Italy and bespoke suits, as Eligo Milano we provide our customers with a wide selection of skilled Sartorialists and we offer them the smartest Sartorial Experience they will ever have.

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“The level of attention and personalization I received from the Eligo Milano Team, and of my Sartorialist, is unparalleled. They took the time to design and create exactly what I was envisioning and I am constantly receiving compliments on the pieces.”
"Eligo Milano is the quintessential Italian bespoke experience, reimagined for a new generation."



"I was very satisfied with the excellent service performed from the moment I walked through their door. With their help I was able to find the best solutions and fabrics for my wedding suit. "
ELIGO Milano. Live your Sartorialist Experience.